About Us

How we started

BRIMAR® is a registered trademark in US & HK. Founded in 2008, BRIMAR AUDIO Lab specialized in OCC Technology for professional handcrafted HiEnd audio cables. Since 2010, we have our headquarter as well as the  R&D Labs relocated to Hong Kong. In order to achieve the highest quality standard, we insist to have all the premium raw materials to be imported either from US or Western Europe. In addition,  all the cables assemblings are proudly handcrafted & QC in HK as well. 

  • 7N Super-OCC Copper & Super-OCC Silver for Audio Cable conductors.

  • Rhodium, Gold & Silver Filling for parts accessories and cable conductors.

  • Custom cables for all IEMS, HEADPHONES, PORTABLE, INTERCONNECT & Power Cables.

  • Retangular 7N S-OCC Copper and Silver in specific Helical construction for Headphone Cables.

  • 100% Full Customerisation for all IEMs based upon your requirement.


  • Widest range of OCC conductors from Silver Gold Alloy, Silver  to Copper with different combinations to cater your personal preference.

  • All BRIMAR conductors are in multi-strands litz wires which minimized the skin effect during signal transmission. The insulator

  • Gold Filling Technology for “Crown” Conductors with 100 times more Gold being deployed than traditional gold plating technology

  • Computerized Programming of Double Helix Infrastructure with a relatively Strong, Constant and Stable skeletal construction. Furthermore, distortions caused by outgoing and incoming signals are cancelled out each other.

  • Quantum treatment  by WA-Quantum Germany, 72 hours -196C Deep Cryo and Demagnetization Treatment.Optional 48 hours cable cooking service.

  • zhrough a careful choice of flux and metallurgy by German Engineering, BRIMAR Silver Gold reference solder (0.25% Gold) has been optimized for conductivity with a low-distortion connection between joints.

Watch and discover the power of Super-OCC & Gold Filing



Company Profile 2008

Luxury comes in many forms. Its embodied in the elegance of your car, the beauty of your home and the sophistication of the clothes you wear. Its an immersive experience that enriches every part of your life that isn’t as luxurious as it could be. Your audio experience…

World Class Service

BRIMAR AUDIO provides bespoke audio cables and accessories of the highest standard. We’re here for you, the audio connoisseur, who demands the absolute best on offer. Whether it’s the world finest quality cables or a set of plug and connector, you can trust BRIMAR AUDIO to deliver and turns your sound into a truly luxurious experience. 

Expert Advice

Not two clients are the same. Your needs are as individual as your taste, that’s why we’ll carefully consult and advise you on the best audio setup. Our passion and commitment for uncompromising sound quality means our expert advice is second to none. Unlike other companies, we take the time to listen every nuance of your needs. We assess both the information and the market, in order to tailor the most suitable audio solution that’s second to none. When you purchase BRIMAR AUDIO product, not only can you count on a hand built alive set up, you’ll also receive a lifetime guarantee. 

Nothing but the best

At BRIMAR AUDIO, we don’t believe in cutting corners. All of our products are hand picked and as near to audio perfection as humanly possible. When it comes to the quality and engineering of our product, no expense is spared. We achieve a world class standard by sourcing the very best components and electronics from around the world. We cater for you, the audio elite, who wants nothing less than perfection.

Exclusive Demonstrations

Why our clients speechless when they sample the quality of our audio products? Because it’s the first time they hear the Sounds of Luxry. How do we achieve this? We utilize the pure sound of a direct connection as our benchmark, creating new design geometrics and custom material compounds based on tried and true scientific principle in an effort to attain that same perfection on our products. That’s not all, we don’t open the doors to everyone.


We believe every purchase is the first step in a long journey toward audio excellence. A journey that we will take together. When buying a product from BRIMAR AUDIO, you gain membership into our exclusive club. You can take advantage of our many added benefits, such as: an allocated after sales respresentative, who will deal with all your needs. We’ll also manage any warranty, servicing or upgrade, making the process completely hassle free. For further information about added benefits of our club membership or to enquire about a demonstration of our product, please contact a member or our team or our international dealers.