What to listen for your cable & our recommendation 



What would you expect to have with your new cables?

Here is our general advice: Listen for the cable’s ability to portray the music’s dynamic structure, on both small and large scales. For example, a guitar string’s transient attack should be quick, with a dynamic edge. On a larger scale, orchestral climaxes should be powerful and have a sense of physical impact.

However, replacing a highly colored cable for your IEM or Headphone to correct a problem say dark-sounding isn’t the best solution. Please use the money towards better or more neutral IEM or Headphone and then go for cable shopping.


Cables shouldn’t be Band-Aids, instead, cables should be the finishing touch to let your IEM or Headphone to perform at its highest level.


Evolution of OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting)



1. Audio cables including In Ear Monitors Cables are made of Copper or Silver wires. As Silver conductors are made using the same drawing techniques used in making copper conductors, we shall focus our presentation below with Copper.


2. Earliest form of Copper wire is Tough Pitch Copper TPC, which is made by molten and cast Copper and then forced multiple times through an extrusion machine to become a length of wire in the desired gauge.  TPC wire is quite contaminated especially with oxygen that in time will oxidize to rust the conductor. The oxide and the mechanical stresses caused by the extruding process exert a very negative impact on the sonic qualities of cables made from this type of conductor.


3. Hence purer forms of copper were developed and produced in theoretically oxygen-free environments. The resultant oxygen-free copper or OFC had better conductivity than TPC because its copper crystals lacked the oxygen intrusions of TPC. Reducing the oxygen content retards the formation of copper oxides in the conductor, which can interrupt the copper’s physical structure and degrade sound quality.


4. A further step of improving copper wire is annealing where the conductor, once at almost desired gauge, is reheated to just below its melting point to evaporate impurities and form longer crystalline grains. The LC-OFC long-crystal oxygen-free copper contains grains that are roughly 600 to 1000 times longer than TPC molecules.


5. In 1986, Dr. Ohno developed the OCC process at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. Instead of forcing molten copper billets through a cold-mold extrusion machine, they are processed in heated molds and subsequently slow-cooled to room temperature. This results in far fewer molecular boundaries than regularly processed copper extrusions.


OCC Research Publication.pdf



Metallic Conductors are made up of grains microscopically, e.g., each meter of High purity copper (5N,6N,7N etc) has about 5000 grains per meterOxygen Free Copper (OFC) has about 1500 grain per meter

Linear-Crystal Oxygen Free Copper 300 grains per foot

OCC Copper, 1 Crystal per 125 meters

Because OCC is a process that can be performed on any purity of copper / silver, NOT ALL OCC COPPER / SILVER IS EQUAL



What is Brimar Super-OCC


As OCC has a standard of using 7N purity of Copper and Silver


OCC sonic characteristics……………


Deep Cryogenic Treatment


Silver conductors are made using the same drawing techniques used in making copper conductors.

We use a proprietary fibrous material that is mostly air, the AirVacTM, to insulate the conductors within a cable.


The musical consequences of skin effect include loss of detail, reduced top-octave air, and truncated soundstage depth.



What makes Brimar IEM Cables so special & differentiate proudly from others?



Brimar Audio introduces the world’s finest genuine 7N pure monocrystal ,cables for serious and professional In Ear Monitor (IEM) upgrade. Each IEM cable has been carefully selected with the best available conductors and pre-programmed skeletal formation, combining with artistic craftsmanship to the final cable finishing.


1. Widest range of OCC conductors with different combinations to cater for your personal preference.


i. 24 Karat 99.99 Gold surface filling on 24 Karat 99.99 Gold + 7N Super-OCC Silver alloy – This is our Flagship “Crown” conductors with Shiny gold appearance that all Reference Grade Brimar Cables would be using.


ii. 24 Karat 99.99 Gold + 7N Super-OCC Silver alloy – This special alloy is widely used in our Supreme Monarch Cables with exceptional Tonal balance, detailed but warm sonic reproduction.


iii. 7N Super – OCC Silver 


iv. 7N Super – OCC Silver plated 7N Super – OCC Copper


v. 7N Super – OCC Copper



2. All Brimar conductors are in multi-strands litz wires instead of a single thick solid core. This construction minimized the skin effect which is the main source of sonic degradation in cables.



3. Gold Filling Technology for “Crown” Conductors


Brimar Proprietary Metallurgical Technology differs from traditional gold plating which wears & oxidizes quickly on the surface. Instead, a sheet of gold is mechanically applied over the surface of Silver Gold alloy resulting in 100 times more Gold being deployed. These Gold metals are much more evenly distributed on the conductor surface and the filling does not only preventing the alloy from easily oxidation but at the same time keeping the electrical & audio signal constant with optimal performance. Micro-distortion during signal transmission are also significantly reduced.



4. Computerized Double Helix Braiding


Quadruple 4x or Octuple 8x constructions are twisted with computerized program of helical twisting technique instead of hand braiding. This does not necessarily means that Brimar cables are not hand made as the final finishing such as soldering of all plugs and connectors are actually performed by skilled labor. Cables with pre-programmed twisting have a relatively Constant and Stable skeletal construction. In addition, each angle inside the helix is accurately maintained at 45 degree allowing the distortions caused by outgoing and incoming signal to be exactly cancelled out each other. Moreover, the tension and stress from braiding are more evenly distributed over the entire cable.



5. Insulation Sleeve


Special organic materials which are Non–allergic & Non-sensitive to human skin

Transparent and Extreme Soft in texture with minimal stethoscope effect.

Super flexibility to withstand continuous stress for recoiling and straightening of the cable.



6. Quantum Cryo Demagnetization Treatment (QCD)


Quantum Treatment with WA Quantum Germany

72 hours under -173 degree Celsius Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Demagnetization by HiFi Tuning Demagnetizer





Through a careful choice of flux and metallurgy by German Engineering, Brimar Silver Gold reference solder (0.2% Gold) has been optimized for conductivity with a low-distortion connection between joints.



8. A Labour of Love


Braid after braid and solder after solder, our expert artisans engineers bring to life the Brimar collections using the time honours techniques that have elevated Made in Hong Kong Quality standards to symbols of excellence in every corner of the world